Site Projects

Site Projects

Site Projects

We have 2 new projects and will need lots of help and support over the next few years to make them happen

Shed Project

We have kindly been donated a shed and have put this up to store some of our equipment. (see below)

We have also supply power and water so we can then make our top field better for camping etc.

Site Projects

We have now got to the final stages of this project

We have run water and power up the site

Site Projects

Laid path around shed & created new banking

Site Projects
Site Projects

Added sinks for washing up and hand washing etc

Site Projects

Added lighting to top field

Site Projects

And reseeded site (and Grass is growing back)

Site Projects

We have also started work extending hard standing carpark under mini bus and trailer while building a car port that will be covered to protect them

Site Projects

Newton Hazel Hall

If you are able please can you agree to the link below this is a link to the surrey community fund that were are applying to and the more people that agree the better our case is :

We are just starting to look at the possibility of rebuilding the Hall .

This is to provide:

  • Better facilities including disabled access.
  • Increase storage space.
  • Fix issues with leaks etc.
  • and to ensure we are able to continue to provide Scouting in Merstham for another 100 years

See more below:

HQ Building Project

The 5th Reigate Scout Group are looking to replace their current building and storage facilities.

It will be a single building that sits on the same footprint which will fix many of our present issues.

The following pictures show some of our current problems which defines the need for the building to be replaced.

The ‘Nissen Hut’ style roof over the main and small halls was erected in the mid 50’s.

The paint is now peeling off and the window panels have age hardened and become less than transparent!

Many of the panel fixing bolt seals have perished and introduced leaks which have caused the hall block flooring to expand and subsequently buckle.

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This view shows in more detail the extent of the peeling paint and the patches applied to the leaking joints in the last couple of years

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The south-east end of the main hall has shown some movement in the 60-year-old brickwork.

This has been monitored over the last three years and there has been only a small amount of movement in that time.

A recent survey does not state any risk to building safety.

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The building Entrance does not provide easy access to wheelchair users.

Inside the building there is not good access to the toilet facilities, the doorways being very narrow.

Site Projects

The two 20-foot ‘freight storage containers’ house much of our camping and groundwork equipment.

Moving some of these items to a new storage facility to be located on the east side of the ‘Top Field’;

will allow the containers to be moved and a new toilet and storage block to be developed in that location (subject to planning).

Site Projects

Internally, the partition walls that make the Beaver, Cub and Scout rooms are showing signs of their age.

Water and radiator boilers will need replacing soon.

The Loft space is difficult to access with large, bulky, or heavy equipment that is only used at annual events. Its flooring is also showing wear because of its age.

Recently installed doors, space heating and cooker will be able to be reused in another building.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls